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Building an RC Battery Pack - A Basic How-To

If you're keen on RC, you recognize the significance of a battery pack. The type of batteries you end up picking, how effectively your pack is assembled And just how effectively you demand them are all crucial features to powering your RC car or truck. Sure, you can buy a battery pack pre-assembled, but You can even build your individual and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery get the satisfaction of designing and powering your own private auto.

The first thing you might want to do is when you choose To place jointly a battery pack is what you're powering and exactly how much juice you require. Additionally you want to consider the following:

1. Think about the chassis of your vehicle. The sort of motor vehicle doesn't make a difference about the level of Room by which It's important to maneuver. The batteries could need to be oriented in a very flat pack, a clustered pack or as equally. You should also give thought to the distribution of pounds in your auto - if the battery bodyweight will probably be dispersed in a very side to aspect or back to front manner. Occasionally your chassis Place for your battery pack will not be adaptable, so be aware of People constraints before you start.

2. Think about the motor powering your RC motor vehicle. Depending upon the electrical power needs, you'll be able to determine the number of batteries or cells you may need. This really is also when you can determine the kind of batteries you can use - if you wish to maintain your NiMH batteries or improve to LiPo.

three. Identifying your voltage is mostly a uncomplicated make any difference of addition. A standard mobile voltage is one.2v, so wired inside a series - twelve batteries will insert as much as fourteen.4v - which would ability an 14.four volt RC electrical motor.

Next, you'll need to assemble your battery pack provides - so This is a sample searching listing. Remember, we are assuming we are developing a battery pack with 14.4v, as in the instance over:

o 12 Batteries or Battery Cells

o 12 Battery Bars (you are able to order battery bars in bulk if you propose to make more than one pack and help you save $)

o Wire: You'll be wanting a greater high-quality 12 gage by using a higher strand rely. This type of wire, with these characteristics might be far more versatile which is ideal together with staying more effective for electrical power transmission.

o eighty-a hundred Watt Soldering Gun. You will need a gun since you is usually a lot more actual and more rapidly - this is critical due to warmth sensitivity of batteries. The speedier plus more specific you are able to be, the more unlikely You will be to break the battery.

o sixty/forty Solder. This can be larger high-quality - also critical for swift and correct do the job and preventing battery damage.

o Flux. That is a chemical cleaning agent that gets rid of oxidation from steel to aid soldering. You need to use liquid or paste flux when assembling a battery pack.

o Shoo Goo or Goop. This speedy drying adhesive might be utilized to bundle the batteries alongside one another.

o Battery Pack Assembly Jig - optional. These assembly products align the batteries correctly and facilitate a tidy battery pack. The batteries wind up essentially seeking like twine Wooden - tidily bundled.

o Soldering "Aiding Hands" - optional. These equipment allow you to hold items in position As you solder.

o Yet another optional timesaver is to get a "Aiding Arms" accent to your soldering station.

o Multi Meter. You'll need a fantastic multimeter to check voltage and polarity.

o Wire strippers and Wire Cutters. These resources will let you handle, strip and correctly Minimize your 12 gage wire.

o The ultimate ingredient would be the shrink wrap which is able to go round the entire assembly and keep it tidy. You may also need a heat gun to warmth and shrink the wrap.

So, you have discovered how to orient your batteries and what number of you'll need - now you will get to work on assembly. For this instance, we're assembling twelve battery cells - 6 down a person aspect and 6 down the opposite.

As soon as you discover where the batteries are heading in relation for your chassis And the way they're going to generally be laid out, you are able to begin. For this instance, as an instance we are executing 6 down a single side and six down one other facet.

Just to be certain we are on the same web site, the last word intention Here's for being operating wire in the favourable terminal of one's initially battery to the constructive terminal on the electric RC motor then managing a wire from the unfavorable terminal on the final battery in the pack into the constructive terminal of your respective other battery pack, thus making a done circuit.

This signify you should have sufficient wire to achieve through the good terminal within your to start with battery to that terminal and Also from the destructive to complete the circuit with all your other battery pack so bear that in mind.

Orientation. Align your 1st mobile so that good is pointing "upwards" and destructive is pointing "downwards" then reverse the following battery so It is really reverse on down the road. If you bought the battery assembly jig, This is certainly once you'd utilize it to align your cells and keep them in position.

Adhere. Stick the many batteries together with your rapidly drying adhesive to They can be if you want and aligned correctly.

Flux. Make use of your flux now to the link points.

Link - Make use of your battery bars to attach your cells. You will need to warmth up your soldering gun and heat up the battery bar. Using the bar safeguards the battery and in the event the flux starts to bubble, you utilize your usage of solder. The intention is not to warmth the battery by itself. Heating the battery is not just counterproductive, considering the fact that for those who destruction the battery it will never work, but also risky because the mobile may explode if overheated.

You will need to accomplish the exact same measures for that remaining battery connections. You might be connecting the adverse on the positive again and again again. You can then be Prepared to connect wiring to the battery pack.

The wires should be pre-tinned which mean you might want to strip off 1 / 4 inch on the protecting plastic wiring sheath, utilize the flux to clean them - utilize the flux liberally - warmth your solder gun and afterwards warmth the wire and movement the solder to the wire until eventually carefully saturated. You will also want solder over the batteries And so the solder will act because the connector Together with the battery.

Once the two, 6 mobile battery packs are comprehensive, you'll be wanting to employ the shrink wrap to protected them - and you'll have your total battery pack! Now you'll be able to electrical power and fly your RC helicopter, aircraft, boat, vehicle or truck without any complications!